Introducing Dairy Market Culinary: our e-commerce portal

A portal built for culinary professionals

We are proud to launch Dairy Market Culinary, a portal that offers you a wide range of dairy products to help you craft the best foodservice experience.

Whether you are looking for milkettes or butter, sour cream or creamers, or cheese ranging from our Racolli Pizza Mozzarella to our President Feta – we’ve got you covered! With products from 6 beloved foodservice brands: Beatrice, Black Diamond, Lactantia, Mozzabene, President Professionnel and Racolli you know you are in good hands. Find it on the Dairy Market and we’ll bring it right to your doorstep!

Launching with service in the Greater Calgary Area (GCA), we are coming on a national scale soon. We are committed to helping you succeed, from coast to coast.

Enjoy the benefits of free shipping, delivery within 3 business days, order tracking on all orders and customer service that is there to help.

In a time where the Foodservice industry is changing daily, food safety and health is on everyone’s mind and we are committed to helping you succeed. Dairy Market Culinary will be your trusted foodservice dairy solution expert!

Explore today!